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نمونه مکالمه آیلتس | daily routine

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?What are your daily routine in your life

I get up very early every morning usually at 6 a.m. and I prepare breakfast for myself.

After eating breakfast I get dressed and ready for going to work.

I should be there at 8 and because of heavy traffic I go out of my home very early.

I like my work and people who I work with them. After working hour, I go to the gym for half an hour.

Then I come back to my home while I`m hungry. So, I eat something and take a shower.

After that I start reading my favorite books and managing my plans. And then I go to bed.

?What do you like or dislike about your daily routine

Well, I like my coffee in the morning special when I open the kitchen`s window.

I go to the student research center Thursdays and I also like my activities there, even more than all of other my activities.

And what I hate about my daily routine? In fact, it`s my working hours. I have a lot of tasks and I get stress for that.

?How did you used to spend your days when you were a child

So, I used to go to school every day in the morning and come back home at noon.

I had a bicycle and I like riding it in the afternoon.

? Are all your days the same

Um …, yes and no. in work days are pretty much the same, but my weekends are different adventures.

 My friends

and I go somewhere every week and explore a bit of our spectacular universe!

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